Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design

  • I've never had a website for my business. What can your service do for me?

    A website provides a brand new avenue for reaching and retaining customers. A business website allows you to inform your customers of your products and services while providing contact information and insight into your company. A well-designed website by Pattern Marketing is the most powerful marketing tool that your company will ever have.

  • What is your payment process?

    For design projects you will pay half of the fee upfront and the other half after the website is completed. If you choose our high speed and low maintenance hosting, the hosting fee is billed on a monthly basis. If you choose our valuable and wide-reaching marketing services, payment is prepaid monthly.

  • How long does it take you to build a website?

    Each website is unique, and the time that it takes for your website to be completed will vary based on its size and features you need. Typically websites are completed in three weeks but if you contact us today with your project requirements we can provide a specific date.

  • Will I have someone to contact throughout the design process?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing prides ourselves in our customer service. You will always have a specialist in Illinois ready to answer your questions and guide you through the next step of transforming your company's marketing strategy into a powerhouse for revenue.

  • How much control do I have over the design of my website?

    Before we begin building your site, Pattern Marketing will speak extensively with you about your design and content needs so that we know exactly what you're looking for. After we design your site, you will have the opportunity to ask for revisions and to send us any additional content that you may have. Pattern Marketing is dedicated to building the perfect website for your company and we always take the extra time to make sure that you're satisfied with it.

  • Can you revise my old website if someone else made it?

    In order to prevent errors and slow service for our customers we do not revise websites made by other designers. Pattern Marketing provides one of the best website design services in the country, and making revisions to another designer's site could provide low quality performance that does not live up to our standards. Websites designed by Pattern Marketing allow us to regularly make updates and revisions for you easily with no loss in quality.

  • Can I get email addresses for my website?

    Yes, email addresses that are directed to your website add professionalism to your business communication. Pattern Marketing provides up to 5 email addresses for your website absolutely free. Need more than those 5? Each additional email is only $1 per month.

  • How much can I revise my site?

    Pattern Marketing provides small revisions to your website at no additional cost, but major additions like new pages and services are billed on a per revision basis.

Content and Marketing

  • Can you design logos and branding?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing provides professional and inviting logo and branding solutions for our customers that are designed to make them instantly recognizable. Your company deserves a symbol for the high quality services and products that you provide, so your brand should reflect those standards.

  • What types of content can you provide for my site?

    Pattern Marketing provides photography, video production, and content writing services for all of our clients so that they can add a fresh style and a persuasive substance to their design.

  • What types of marketing services do you provide?

    Pattern Marketing provides logo and branding services for our clients that are designed to catch everyone's attention. We also provide email marketing services and pay-per-click advertising online that quickly deliver new customers to your door. Our search engine marketing services include search engine optimization, which ensures better rankings on Google so that more customers can find you. We also provide extensive social media marketing services so that you can engage your customers with powerful tools like Facebook and Twitter. Pattern Marketing's wide variety of marketing services allow you to find every customer that your business deserves.

  • Can you help me get on search engines and improve my ranking?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing specializes in search engine marketing services. We can improve your search engine rankings so that more customers will see your site when they search for your industry, and that means more revenue for your business.

  • What is SEO?

    Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that includes crafting your written content so that your web pages appear higher on search engine sites as well as other strategies that can improve your rankings.

  • Am I able to build emailing lists?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing can assist our clients in building powerful mailing lists so that you're always in contact with your dedicated customers.

Technical Questions

  • Do you provide visitor counts and other statistics for my site?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing provides informative analytics services that allow you to monitor your site's traffic as your popularity grows.

  • How mobile friendly are your sites?

    Each Pattern Marketing website is designed with a responsive structure that can reformat to perfectly fit any device. So whether your customer is using a phone, tablet, or computer, your website is going to look fantastic on any screen.

  • Which web platform do you use?

    Pattern Marketing uses LocomotiveCMS as our web platform. We've decided to use LocomotiveCMS exclusively over other common platforms because of its ease of use for our clients and its dependable performance. Other platforms are often too slow or have a huge learning curve, but LocomotiveCMS prevents those frustrations and extends the maintainability of your site.

  • Do you host your own websites?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing hosts our websites on our own server so that if you ever have any questions or issues we're only a phone call away from solving them for you.

  • What are the benefits of your hosting?

    By allowing us to host your site you are avoiding the headache of going through a completely separate complany if you have any questions or needs. We also host our websites on high-end servers with durable solid-state drives that are faster and more dependable than typical servers.

  • Do you backup my site?

    Yes, Pattern Marketing will regularly backup the content of your website as well as providing former versions of your site in case you need to go back and make a revision.

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