Responsive Websites

Customers have traditionally used computers to access the internet, but the age of smartphones and tablets now demands a responsive web design. A responsive web design is simply a design that reacts and adjusts appropriately so that it can be viewed comfortably on any device. A design that is properly responsive guarantees that your site will be attractive and easy to use no matter where your customers are and how they found it.

We've all experienced frustration while using a badly-designed website. A site that hasn't been optimized for phones and tablets can be a hassle to use, if not impossible, and a site that hasn't been optimized correctly will leave a bad first impression on customers. Many of those customers will be annoyed enough to stop using the site altogether. Pattern Marketing prevents this costly frustration by putting your site through a battery of tests that guarantee its usability for any customer on any device.

Pattern Marketing has designed sites for businesses all across Chicagoland, and a large part of our high-quality design process is ensuring that these sites are all optimized and easy to view in any situation. The universal quality of our sites is why so many of our former clients continue to vouch for our services. We have an impressive portfolio of diverse work that adjusts and reformats for any device. You can view the superior quality of our designs however the sites are presented. Pattern Marketing believes that the best argument for choosing our company is simply our work, which is why we provide as many examples of it as possible so that you can see our high standards in action.

Showcase Your Offering

A responsive website design dazzles on any device, so whether your customers are searching on a computer or mobile phone, your site will show off your products and services in a customized and attractive format tailored to your company's needs.

Great Usability

Your website is primed for any scenario. Is your customer's phone in portrait mode? Landscape mode? Your site will look and function great. Any device, anywhere, anytime – your website will be working on your behalf and reaching new people.

Inspire Confidence

A website is all about reputation, and a well-designed website improves that reputation. Optimizing your site so that it looks fantastic in any medium projects reliability and expertise, giving your customers the confidence to choose you.

Latest Technology

A responsive web design removes errors and customer complaints. This leaves you with more time to focus on your business and less time worrying about your online marketing and everything it entails.

Many web design firms use aged and flawed techniques to add responsiveness to their websites. These techniques include designing separate mobile sites for phone users. Everyone has come across a site that looks great on your desktop, but when you pull up the same site on your smartphone, it looks completely different and is missing features. This lazy design approach is common, but it doesn't meet the high Pattern Marketing standards.

When we design your site, the theme and content are the exact same no matter which platforms you are using. You don't have to juggle two sites. You get one site that has been perfected to face any challenge thrown at it. So if you want a guarantee that your site will look professional and cutting edge in any situation, contact Pattern Marketing and share your challenges with our team of design professionals. We'll immediately begin crafting solutions.

An unresponsive site can harm your brand and your customer outreach, so it isn't about if you need an optimized site, but how long you'll allow an unresponsive website to damage your sales goals. Call today and allow Pattern Marketing to help protect your bottom line with a responsive and cutting edge website that attracts new customers and builds a reputation that you'll be proud of.

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