Video Production

When it comes to generating new sales, no advertising medium catches the eye like a well-produced video. Videos allow information to be conveyed more quickly and stylishly than any other form of marketing. Pattern Marketing produces powerful and engaging videos in 4K high definition for our clients that provide a unique voice to their marketing campaigns. Compelling narration and imagery that are partnered with an ambitious sales message will bring in new customers and allow you to set the perfect tone for your company.

No customer likes to sort through long blocks of text when they're searching for a company, and many are turned off if they have to invest a lot of time and effort to simply learn about a company's services. A video is a perfect way to convey all of your information while preventing that frustration. A well-made video provides all of the content that you need to share in an easily digestible format while allowing you to engage your customers face-to-face as you explain why your firm is their best option.

Businesses all across Chicagoland have had their marketing campaigns enhanced by Pattern Marketing's high-quality video production services. Effective video advertising has brought in new revenue for these companies and helped to raise their profiles. And the proof is in our portfolio. Pattern Marketing maintains a catalog of high-quality video production work that has transformed the marketing campaigns of our clients. From energetic commercials to informative how-to videos to personal introductions to their company's staff, Pattern Marketing's customized video production has assisted in defining the best parts of these businesses while giving their customers a stunning first impression that lasts long after the sale.

High Definition

High-quality video production adds style and substance to the image of your business. Music, narration, and a stunning 4K HD format provide the spark that you need to professionalize your products and services.

Grab Attention

Video commercials are more effective than printed advertisements. Video captures attention, and capturing your customers' attention is the most important step in closing a sale.

Personal Touch

Video production allows you to introduce your team and add a face to your company's name. You're no longer just another business with a service to sell - you're a team of real people that your customers are familiar with. When customers know who they're working with, that familiarity retains sales.

Visual Examples

A video provides examples of your work that a text description simply can't match. If you install wood flooring and you want to show off how your product will look in your customer's home, a video can display its benefits better than any writing. Instead of trying to describe your pride in your product, why not simply show it off?

Most web design companies offer little to no assistance in generating content. A website without quality content is like owning a home with no furnishing or utilities. Sure you have a structure, but what's the point if that structure isn't livable yet? Pattern Marketing focuses on the entirety of designing a website, and that includes producing striking video content that adds energy to your marketing campaign.

By using the same company for your video production that you used for your web design, you can guarantee a uniformity in your message that carries through to your whole site. So what are you waiting for? A thought-provoking and engaging video is only a call away.

Pattern Marketing's video production services will redefine how you attract customers and set a new tone for all of your future marketing. Sales are most effective in a visual environment. As your competitors show off their products and services through video, relying on only written content puts your company's website at a distinct disadvantage. Your company has a lot to show off. Call Pattern Marketing and allow us to create a video marketing strategy that reaches new customers and strengthens your brand.

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