Analytics & Reporting

A business without accurate data is like a ship without a compass, and you don't want to risk getting lost in this economy. Web analytics are how you connect with your customers so that you can recognize their preferences and respond accordingly. With an accurate analytics and reporting system, your business will have all the tools it needs to grow your company with the desires of your customers in mind.

Running a new ad campaign? Analytics will reveal how many new customers are visiting your company's site so that you can gauge the campaign's reach. Have a new product you're introducing to the public? By monitoring the analytics of your product's description page you can measure the development of new interest. More information on your customer's preferences help you to provide the most satisfying products and services available.

We've provided these advantages for companies across varying industries all around Chicagoland. Pattern Marketing has increased the sales of these products and services by providing data-driven strategies that shed new insight on how these companies can improve their revenue. Need proof? Ask us to show you a portfolio of our work and how that work has transformed the operations of our clients.

Areas for Improvement

Because web analytics provide more information than simply how many times a page has been viewed. Filtering by location allows you to find which areas your products and services are most popular and respond accordingly. By using analytics in your shopping tools, you can figure out which pages need to be improved so that you can convert more visitors from prospects to closed customers.

Optimize Your Advertising Spend

With accurate data, your business can also begin to develop its marketing mix modeling (MMM) strategy. Do you get more business returns from YouTube ads or Google ads? Facebook or Yahoo? Our data modeling services provide the answers to these questions and help you to optimize the perfect mix of web marketing that delivers the most results for your money.

And data isn't the only service we provide. The real power of this data comes from our consultation services on how to use this information to your company's advantage. A table of facts and figures doesn't improve a company by itself. Our guidance on using these statistics to help you is how we transform your business into a powerhouse that can take on any challenge with the numbers to back up your decisions.

These in-depth services are not provided by most web design companies. Pattern Marketing is involved in all four steps of a thorough web analytics process including collecting your web data, processing that data into useful information, using that information to develop key performance indicators (KPI), and then using those indicators to create a unique web strategy around your needs.

So what are you waiting for? As data slips through your fingers, so do new opportunities to use this data to increase sales. Many competing companies are using web analytics to develop an advantage against your business, but choosing Pattern Marketing can prevent them from getting a foothold into your market. Call Pattern Marketing today and allow our analytics and reporting services to harness the power of online marketing to expand your company's potential.

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