Domain Names

Your name is your legacy, so if you're running an accounting firm and you have a low-quality domain name like, you are turning off potential clients who are looking for a serious company to do business with. Like it or not, your website's domain name is often the first impression that your company makes on potential customers. For this reason, Pattern Marketing specializes in making sure that your first impression is a success.

A domain name is like your website's phone number, containing a series of numbers that instruct a customer's browser on how to dial your site. Instead of forcing your customers to memorize these numbers, you provide them with a catchy name instead, much like a vanity toll free number.

But picking the right domain name is a lot like picking real estate property. Like real estate, a domain name provides something for you to build on, and just like a good location increases the value of your real estate, a good domain name increases the value of your website. A domain name that is intuitive and easy to remember is a great marketing tool for customers, so crafting an effective name is critical to your brand's success.

New Domain Possibilities

Many don't know that there are new and customized top-level domains that have been released for purchase that can make your name more memorable. A top level domain is the or section of a web address, and if you're running a financial company, a,, or domain can add style and individuality to your website like Pattern.Marketing did for our firm.

Reduce Ownership Risks

Trademark law also applies to domain names. We help reduce the risk of a company claiming infringement by researching domain names and how they could relate to other brands, identifying possible conflicts before they happen. Pattern also always keeps an eye on your domain subscription so that you never have to worry about losing control of your name through expiration.

This comprehensive approach has served Pattern Marketing well as we build websites for companies across Chicagoland. Our branding strategies have helped businesses to reserve domain names that are catchy and easy to remember. Ask to see our portfolio of companies that have relied on us to secure effective domain names while protecting these names from other businesses.

Most web design companies are not willing to take this extra step to protect their clients, but at Pattern Marketing its par for the course. We don't just build sites for our clients, we craft a thorough online branding plan that safeguards a domain name that is always working to bring in new business.

So don't allow your domain name to be used against your company. A bad domain name can reduce web traffic on search engine sites like Google, which can significantly harm your sales goals. Competitors love to exasperate other companies by filing cybersquatting and trademark infringement claims against other domains, but don't give them the opportunity. Call Pattern Marketing today so that we can protect your brand by maintaining an effective domain name that builds a legacy your customers can rely on.

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