Email Hosting

Email for business use involves a lot of security and functional requirements that aren't necessary for a personal email, and customizing your mail system so that it is both easy to use for your employees while also being fortified against spam and viruses can be tough. But with Pattern Marketing this is simpler than ever.

Pattern Marketing maintains the email servers of companies all around Chicagoland, adding simplicity and power to their business communication. We provide a portfolio of all of our available features for prospective clients, so if you're wondering how email hosted by Pattern Marketing can enhance your business, simply allow us to show you examples of how we can improve your experience.

It can take a lot of upfront time and money to host your own email server, which is why most small and medium-sized businesses don't want to have to run this themselves. Pattern Marketing makes the process simple and easy, and by doing all of the hosting ourselves, we're on call to deal with any issues you have quickly and easily.

Branded Email Addresses

Having your email address directed to your website also adds professionalism to your contact information. Instead of using a Google or Yahoo email address, your mail will be directed to your website's domain name. For instance, [email protected] sounds much more professional than [email protected]

Premium Features

For many businesses, premium email services can improve their messaging experience. Premium email services include features like backup services for lost information and virus detection software that scan your mail for any threats. These additional services add security and reliability to your communication.

Almost no web design companies take the time to host an effective emailing system for their customers. Most designers would prefer to build you a website and then leave it to you to figure out how your customers will contact you, but that's not acceptable to the high service standards of Pattern Marketing.

When you contact Pattern, you'll quickly discover that we're a different type of web design firm as you work with designers that are invested in the future of your business. We're dedicated to ensuring your prosperity, and that means providing an email system that will help customers to get a hold of your services as quickly and easily as possible.

Because without an email, you are losing out on a lot of potential revenue. Many companies only provide a phone number or a physical address for their customers, but the modern age requires adapting to new buying habits or face falling behind to those who already have. So call Pattern Marketing today so that we can build and host an email system that not only secures your business, but secures new revenue for that business to succeed.

Contact us today for more information about our products and services.