Website Hosting

Have you ever searched for a local company's site just to discover that their server is down? This experience is frustrating for web users and detrimental to the companies that are relying on these sites to bring in revenue. Pattern Marketing's cutting edge hosting services will secure your site against any threats it may encounter so that your income is always fortified.

That's why Pattern Marketing has devoted our expertise to ending the frustrations that are common to web hosting. These frustrations include slow response time and vulnerability to hackers. By choosing our web hosting service, you're choosing reliability for your company's most important tool for outreach.

This reliability has built strong relationships with companies all around Chicagoland as these local businesses relish the security and speed that our hosting service always provides. Want to see this service in action? We'll provide a list of sites that we've built so that you can see how quick their loading times are compared to our competitors. Our quality always speaks for itself.

Less Wait Time

Part of this quality comes from all of our servers being hosted on solid-state drives instead of hard drives. Solid-state drives are faster, more durable, and more reliable because they have no moving parts and aren't dependent on reading a spinning disc. Every customer appreciates a fast site, and less wait time means they're more likely to return in the future.

Always Reliable

Our hosting plan is also designed to put your company first. Instead of other web hosting firms that degrade your site's service quality by placing thousands of sites on one server to save costs, Pattern Marketing uses a hosting system that segments our servers. So if another client of ours experiences a lot of traffic, it will never affect your performance.

This focus on reliability includes having a team of experts dedicated to protecting your site from any issues that may arise. Managing your own server can be difficult and cost-intensive, but Pattern Marketing has made the entire process simple and affordable by absorbing the cost of running the server so that you only pay for the space that you use.

But unfortunately, most web design firms either delegate the responsibility of hosting to another company entirely, or they provide low-quality hosting service themselves that inevitably disappoints their clients. But the buck stops with Pattern Marketing. You can call us at any time knowing that you will have a high-quality site on a high-quality server with a high-quality team ready to tackle any problem. No other company can beat that.

So what's preventing you from choosing the dependability and speed of Pattern Marketing's web hosting service? Inferior web hosting is vulnerable to hacking attacks as well as becoming flooded with traffic, and every second that your site is down is lost revenue. Don't waste time. Call Pattern Marketing and allow us to fortify your site with the hardware and expertise it needs to stay strong against all of your company's demands.

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