Content Writing

So you have a great website, but now you're wondering about how to fill that site with engaging content that can attract customers. Pattern Marketing has you covered with our results-driven content writing services. Effective business writing paints a positive image for your customers and illustrates why your company is the best choice for them. Excellent writing enhances every aspect of a marketing campaign. Well-written email marketing attracts new sales while custom writing for search engine optimization (SEO) increases your visibility on sites like Google.

Instead of traditionally calling prospective leads, good copywriting prepares your customers so that they are ready to call you. Good content writing is about more than just finding customers: it's about developing a sales pitch that infuses energy and trust into all of your marketing.

Pattern Marketing has written persuasive content for firms across Chicagoland. Our writing has improved their sales goals and elevated their branding. Pattern maintains a portfolio of the content that we've put in action to help our clients. Ask to see our work so that you can discover for yourself that no matter what the industry is, we've used excellent content writing to enhance their outreach.

Influence Buying Decisions

Good copywriting engages customers and serves as the front line of your sales. When people find your site, your written content has to capture their attention. That's why our writers aren’t just proficient wordsmiths; they’re experienced salespeople dedicated to driving your brand to the front of your industry.

Become A Trusted Resource

By incorporating search engine optimization into your written content, Pattern Marketing can also strategize your material so that it appears more frequently on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. More customers finding your site means more opportunities to close a sale and build a relationship.

Good writing content also enhances the quality of a site. Even the nicest design can't overcome badly-written content. Good writing is one of the most important tools your website will wield. But most web design firms will create your site and then abandon you to the task of trying to figure out how to fill it with content.

Pattern Marketing is different because our philosophy is that a web design firm should help their clients through the entire process of creating a website, and that includes providing high quality and engaging content that closes sales. So if your site is missing captivating content that can deliver these new sales, choose the Chicagoland leader in business copywriting.

Pattern Marketing will develop a content strategy that drives traffic to your site and customers to your door. Without well-written content, your website is missing out on an incredible sales opportunity. Persuasive writing can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a customer to a competitor. Call Pattern Marketing today and take charge of your sales pitch, because a powerful marketing strategy is just a few words away.

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