Email Marketing

Traditional mailing campaigns are more expensive than ever, and yet every year they become more fruitless. Few customers use the postal service as their primary method of communication, and many people tear up mail that they don't recognize. This means that your message is lost even if you've already paid the postage.

But Pattern Marketing provides a much more simple and efficient way to reach these customers. Email marketing is a valuable and underused advertising strategy that allows you to approach email marketing from as many angles as possible. This increases your chances of success and reaches customers that you never knew were available.

All around Chicagoland, our clients have used our email services to find these available customers and improve the scope of their marketing strategy. But why take our word for it when you can browse our extensive selection of email sales content? We've designed stylish and valuable email campaigns that have built mailing lists for our clients that secure future business.

Build Your List

Pattern Marketing provides interactive forms for your customers that allow them to share their contact information with your company so that you can build these mailing lists from the ground up. Few marketing tools are more valuable than an accurate email list, and a well-made list can dramatically increase sales and create a strong connection between a business and their customers.

Keep In Touch

A thorough email strategy also includes transactional emails and direct email marketing. Transactional emails include order confirmations, tracking information, and even password resets. Since these emails are opened at the highest rate, they provide valuable opportunities to share new products and services that your customers may also be interested in.

Direct emailing is also a valuable tool and includes sending out messages for the purpose of reaching new customers. These require lists of working emails, which can be a powerful but time-consuming process. But you get to avoid the labor while reaping the rewards as Pattern Marketing handles your entire email campaign from start to finish, from building your mailing list to helping you to write an effective sales pitch to finally sending your emails out to as many potential customers as possible.

Most web design firms have no interest in helping their clients organize these complex email campaigns, but Pattern Marketing views these marketing strategies as too important to ignore. Web design without comprehensive email service overlooks countless opportunities for sales growth.

By contacting Pattern Marketing, you can ensure that your company won't miss out on this growth. As your competitors build exhaustive email lists and engage in mailing strategies, they're also capturing sales that your company could have reached. These leads are too valuable to let them slip through your fingers. But you don't have to miss out. Call Pattern Marketing and allow us to build an email strategy that equips your company with the tools it needs to reach every customer.

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