Everyone knows that good content increases the quality of your site, but did you know that it can also bring in new sales? Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is a content strategy that uses search engines like Google to bring in new customers. Search engines use a complex system of algorithms to determine which pages appear first on their site. When a user searches for a topic, these formulas examine the website's keywords, quality, and frequency of updates to determine whether or not it is the most appropriate choice for the user.

Pattern Marketing has mastered how to interact with these algorithms so that your content is ahead of your competitors on Google, giving you the edge in securing sales.

Effective search engine optimization has always been an important part of Pattern Marketing's web services because good content should be at the core of every design. We can provide a portfolio of companies across Chicagoland that have discovered for themselves that Pattern Marketing is the best choice for SEO content services that deliver results.

Be Found Online

These results come from high-quality SEO content that raises your position on search engine sites. Most customers only visit the first few listings on Google, so if you're low on these results, it's unlikely that you will be found. But Pattern Marketing will develop a unique content strategy for your company that will raise your profile so that you can appear on these first few listings, ensuring customers always see what you have to offer.

Keep Pace With Change

Effective SEO can also serve as a commanding addition to your search engine marketing (SEM). Advertising on Google can be a powerful tool, but many users ignore any listings with the term "Ad" next to them. Search engine optimization helps to pick up the slack. Also, search engine algorithms constantly change, so keeping track of updates like Google's Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird allows your strategy to adapt to these new requirements.

Google is constantly looking for low-quality and overly-manipulative search engine optimization, so Pattern Marketing's valuable white hat SEO faithfully follows Google's requirements so that you can benefit from a strong marketing edge while remaining confident that your content is as protected as it is effective.

Most web design companies avoid providing in-depth SEO services because the process can be complex and time-consuming. But Pattern Marketing has simplified these steps while expanding how effective they can be. So are you going to continue to allow a lack of search engine strategy to harm your revenue goals? Without effective SEO, your company is at risk of being swamped out by the content strategies of your competitors.

With each page of industry keywords and customer-oriented content, your competitors are building a web presence that Google may turn to when users search for your services. Call Pattern Marketing and ask about our comprehensive SEO plan. New customers are searching. We make sure that they find you first.

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